Illegal Immigration

Ilegal Immigration

President Obama and the Democrats on Capitol Hill are getting ready to propose immigration reform, but they really intend to grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. I’m absolutely opposed to amnesty. Of course, I know that my stand will bring charges of racism or being anti-Hispanic, but that's nonsense as my wife is of Hispanic heritage. In fact, her great, great, great grandfather was the first president of Argentina. Today, we have an estimated 12 to 20 million illegal aliens living in the United States.

They have violated our borders. Violated our laws. Their presence drives up the cost of the education, health care, police and judicial services, and social services. It's an enormous burden on the American taxpayer. We must not reward illegal behavior with amnesty. The battle will be difficult; Barack Obama is the President and the Democrats have a majority in the Senate. Additionally, some Republicans are on the wrong side of this issue. I want to go to Washington as your representative and fight for the future of our nation.

Here's what I believe:

We should welcome all who legally enter our nation. Our tradition is that we are a nation of immigrants, but we must not allow the pressure of illegal immigrants and their political supporters to subvert the rule of law. We must secure our borders and do so now. We must protect American sovereignty from any movement to merge us into a North American Union.

We should not provide economic benefits to illegal aliens. We should deport illegal aliens who commit felonies. We should withhold federal funds from any city or state that declares itself a sanctuary for illegal aliens. We should fine businesses that knowingly hire illegal aliens.

If there are no jobs - they will self deport. We should end birthright citizenship for babies born illegally in United States. As your Congressman, I'll work hard to provide the necessary leadership to address the problem of illegal aliens and to oppose amnesty to those who illegally enter our nation.

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