Health Care

President Obama is on record as advocating a universal, single-payer, socialized medicine system. But as a shrewd politician, he knew that could not pass, so he and the Democrats in Congress contrived to pass a measure that puts us on the road to their ultimate goal of a socialist America. Obamacare is not about reforming healthcare or insurance coverage. It's about government intruding into and controlling more and more of our lives.

Obamacare will not reduce the cost of healthcare. It will not increase access to healthcare. It will not improve the quality of healthcare. Obamacare will increase costs. It will increase taxes. It will harm our economy. It will ultimately lead to healthcare rationing by federal bureaucrats.It’s frightening to think that we are now on a road to a future in which those who receive medical care, when they will receive it, and for how long will be decided by a government bureaucrat. This has been described as a system with the efficiency of the Postal Service and the compassion of the IRS.

My friends, we are losing our liberty in what should be one of the most private areas of life. We need to repeal Obamacare.

But we also need to fix the legitimate problems that exists in our healthcare system. We can accomplish meaningful reform through patient centered, consumer based, free market solutions. Health insurance choices must belong to the individual. Healthcare decisions must be controlled by patients and their doctors - not by insurance companies or government bureaucrats.

As your Congressman, I will work to roll back the Socialist tide and reestablish healthcare freedom of choice for all Americans.