Energy Independence

Energy Independence

It is far past the time to get serious about achieving American Energy Independence. President Obama’s recently announced plan to half-heartedly pursue limited additional offshore drilling for oil and natural gas is not a serious proposal. In fact, it is just the kind of public relations ruse that we can expect from him.

If he were serious about meaningful exploration and drilling, the President would not have put forth a plan that failed to include the West Coast, more of Alaska, and the most promising areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

Another interesting question is whether we can trust the Obama administration to stick to this projected schedule. Or will it give tacit approval to its radical environmentalist political allies to implement a time-consuming delay-by-lawsuit strategy?

I favor a much more aggressive, pro-active policy.

Achieving American Energy Independence ought to be a high priority. Actually, during this time of deep recession, it ought to rank as an absolute economic imperative.

Drilling here and drilling now will lower consumers’ energy costs, and it will create thousands of jobs for our workers.

How is it that politicians who talk loud and long about being the friend of working people can stubbornly refuse to adopt energy policies that will put unemployed Americans to work?

Energy Independence ought to be an economic imperative, yes. But even more importantly it is a national security issue.

Perpetuating a state of dependence on foreign energy sources, especially when much of it comes from nations fundamentally opposed to us in political and cultural terms, is utterly foolish.

Intransigence against moving toward more domestic oil production or reinvigorating our nuclear energy production makes us vulnerable to our enemies. It is inexcusable, and I believe it is unpatriotic.

In Congress, I will work for a comprehensive plan that includes increased oil and natural gas production, coal production, nuclear power, wind, solar, and other alternative energy sources.

We need’em all. We are Americans. We can get the job done!