Prominent Women in Public Life Set the Record Straight on Hice

Monroe, GA- Top conservative women leaders are speaking out for Jody Hice candidate for Congress in Georgia's 10th Congressional district. Hice's opponent has spent tens of thousands of dollars sending slanderous and misleading pieces of politcal mail to voters. These pieces are wholly inaccurate of Jody's views toward women.

Jody Hice has supported numerous women in leadership roles. Such as  conservative icon Martha Zoller, Mayor Linda Blechinger, Comission Chairman Pat Graham, Judge Tammy Brown, Phyliss Schlaffley, and Penny Nance. 

Here are some of thier testimonials about how Hice supported thier efforts in pursuit of leadership.

Barrow County Commission Chairman Pat Graham

"Jody encouraged me to run for Chairman of Barrow County Comission in 2012. He believed in me because he believed that I was the most qualified for the job. Jody's opponent is mis-quoting Jody and misleading voters in an "anything-goes” approach to politics. It seems that he will say anything to get elected."

Conservative Leader Martha Zoller

"I will not be endorsing anyone in the race for Georgia's 10th Congressional District. I do believe it necessary to set the record straight on one issue. Jody Hice is a strong supporter of women in elected positions. He encouraged me to run for Congress in 2012. He believes that qualified women and men should serve in public office."

Concerned Women for America- President and CEO Penny Nance

"As the largest public policy organization with 500,000 grassroots members nationwide, Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee endorsed Jody Hice because he is a true champion for conservative issues that are important to women and their families."

Auburn Mayor Linda Blechinger

"Dr. Hice encouraged me to run for office and has done so for other women as well. Spouses should be in agreement with each other before they put thier name and thier family on display to the nation by holding a public office. Dr. Hice had the same discussion with his wife before he ever announced his candidacy for Congress. Dr. Hice would never treat any woman as a second-class citizen. Ever. I know because I am a woman. I have known Jody and Dee Dee and their family for over 15 years, I have served in the church with them and I feel I can speak with insight on how Dr. Hice interacts with women. He is a great supporter of women and while I was attending their church I along with other women were asked to serve on and chair various boards over the years."

Conservative Icon and Founder of Eagle Forum Phyllis Schlafly

"To build and maintain a culture that promotes the family, we need people like Jody in Congress. He is a proven conservative who will stand up for the values that made our country great."

Jody Hice has a consistent record of encouraging women to step up and take leadership roles. Hice's opponent has been unable to reference any women that he has supported for elected office.