Government Spending

Jody Hice for Congress is Against Raising the Debt Ceiling

When elected to Congress, I will not vote to raise the nation’s debt ceiling. Instead, I'll be strong leader to restore fiscal sanity to Washington DC. Massive federal spending and debt have been caused by decades of unconstitutional activity by our government. The first step to getting out of this mess is to return to the Constitution as the restraining authority on our federal government. Irresponsible federal spending has now resulted in over $17 trillion of national debt.

Most people find this amount to be incomprehensible and even mind numbing. To put in easy to understand terms, $17 trillion of debt means that every adult in America now owes $55,000 towards that debt. Every taxpayer is now burdened with $151,000, and at birth every American child now comes into this country with between $35,000 and $40,000 of debt. In fiscal year 2013, just the interest on the debt was over $127 billion!

The vast majority of citizens in Georgia 10th Congressional District absolutely oppose raising the debt ceiling, but Mike Collins, one my competitors in the Republican Primary, has publicly stated that he is in favor of raising the debt ceiling. Now, other candidates in this race have it yet told us where they stand on this issue, so I thought it be only fair to give them an opportunity to reveal their plans just as Mike and I have already done.

Do they agree with Mike that we should raise the ceiling, or do they agree with me that we should not raise the debt ceiling?

I want to invite you, the citizens, to visit my website and sign my No More Debt Pledge and together let’s take that message to Washington!