Government Spending

Jody Hice Signs “Reject the Debt” Pledge

Monroe, Georgia – Dr. Jody Hice, a conservative candidate for Congress in Georgia’s Tenth Congressional District, has signed the “Reject the Debt” pledge. Reject the Debt is a pledge enacted by the Coalition to Reduce Spending, whose mission is to “research and advocate for reduced federal spending and balanced budgets.” The purpose of the pledge is for candidates to go on-record promising that they will commit to vote against any unbalanced budget proposals or off-budget spending increases.

Hice stated, “I strongly support the Coalition and am fully committed to the foundations of the pledge to ‘Reject the Debt.’ As your Constitutional conservative candidate for Congress, my first priority is to stop wasteful government spending by returning to the Constitution as the restraining authority on federal government.

Jody Hice supports a Balanced Budget Amendment to the constitution, and as a constitutional conservative, commits himself to fight against chronic overspending in Washington.