U.S. Constitution

Dr. Jody Hice, President Ten Commandments- Georgia, Inc.

My friends, my fellow Americans, my fellow Georgians:

We have come to the steps of our capitol to deliver a strong message to our elected representatives – both those in this building and our federal legislators in Washington – and this is our message: We are people of faith who reverence God.

We are people of faith who acknowledge God. We are people who love liberty, including freedom of religious expression. We are people who support the Constitution of the United States as written by our Founders. We are people who believe in a constitutional republic form of government with its unique system of checks and balances. And we are no longer going to tolerate the relentless assault on our God, our faith, and our freedom by the ACLU and by tyrannical federal judges! Therefore, we demand that our elected officials fulfill their oaths to uphold the Constitution by supporting legislation that will restore our Republic by limiting the jurisdiction of the federal judiciary.

Because the pattern of arrogance, abusiveness, and arbitrary behavior by activist, left-wing, anti-God, anti-Christian judges who are hostile to our faith and our values, is so compellingly clear, we will not allow our elected officials to delay, to equivocate, and to merely do “lip service” to the cause of freedom and justice.

Let there be no doubt that millions of Americans are with us in spirit today. And let there be no doubt, that millions of registered, informed, and motivated voters are going to hold elected officials – from city councils members to county commissioners, from state legislators to Congressmen and Senators, from the Governor here in Georgia to President Bush – accountable, not for what they say, but for what they do or fail to do.

My friends, if we are to experience a New Birth of Freedom in America – and we must – it is not going to come from the federal bench or from professional politicians, it is going to come from ordinary men and women like you and me who have decided that enough is enough and we want our country back!

For over two and a quarter centuries, America’s heritage has been the twin pillars of faith and freedom. As long as there is the breath of life in me, I intend to see that it remains so, for the sake of my children and my grandchildren and for many generations of Americans yet unborn.

Ladies and gentlemen, you and I are not politicians; we are just regular folks who work hard every day, do our best to live right, treat our neighbors right, love our families, worship God, and love our country. ^ But we have a conviction in our soul that it is now up to us to make a difference.

We must keep the light of freedom burning in America. We must save our land from being pulled into the dark midnight of a chilling, oppressive tyranny imposed by judges who ignore our Constitution and steal our liberties with the flow of ink from their pens as they sign more and more decrees that come from their own philosophies. These are judges who forget justice. These are judges who have abandoned their oath. These are judges who pervert the Constitution and usurp the powers of the legislative and executive branches of government and who usurp the powers of the individual states.

These judges in their elitist arrogance presume to tell us that there is no room for the acknowledgement of God in the public institutions of this nation. They tell us that we can have all of the freedom of religion we want in private. But they want to silence us in the public arena. They want to relegate us to the four walls of the church. They want to build for us a stained glass prison.

My friends, part of the problem in America today is the result of the church having abdicated its responsibility to be “salt and light” in our society. You know it and, I know it. But, from this day forth, I am calling upon people of faith to get actively involved in the political process.

Are we going to communicate with our officials? Are we going to vote? Are we going to register others to vote? Are we going to be diligent in monitoring how our public officials vote and the decisions they make about publicly acknowledging God and the Ten Commandments as the very foundation of America’s system of law and justice? Are we going to hold them accountable? Yes, we are! As president of Ten Commandments – GA I am today calling upon the members of the Georgia General Assembly to have the courage to stand up to renegade federal judges who pervert the Constitution. Legislators, we expect you to be men and women of character who are not afraid, ashamed or reluctant to make Almighty God part of public life in Georgia.

Fully confident that 80% of Georgians, agree that it is appropriate to honor God and to publicly Display the Ten Commandments, I call upon members of the Georgia Congressional Delegation to support legislation to limit The jurisdiction of federal judges. As your constituents, we are saying to you that we are sick and tired of having our country and its religious heritage and its freedoms hijacked by a judicial terrorists.

We are sick and tired of being lorded over by federal judges who despise and mock our values, demean our faith, and steal our liberty. Senators and Representatives, we know the Constitution gives you authority to act. And we are telling you that you have an obligation to act.

The recent decision by Federal Judge William O’Kelley against Habersham County’s right to display the Ten Commandments is a disgrace! To believe his ruling is correct, one must also believe that for 200 plus years prominent Americans were incorrect. According to Judge O’Kelley, the men who wrote the Constitution neither knew what it meant or what is said. His decision dishonors our forefathers and our Constitution. This is alarming! If he is unable to read and understand the First Amendment, then he is obviously incapable of fulfilling his position as judge. Either he is incapable of understanding it, or his biased opinion is so strong that he refuses to accept it. Either way, if he has any integrity regarding the oath he took to uphold the Constitution, he ought to resign due to his outright refusal to abide by it.

He, along with certain other Federal Judges, are challenging the people of this country to a contest. Together, we must send a message to Congress that they have appointed a judge in our area whose opinions and rulings are hostile to the beliefs and morals of our communities, and we want him removed.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for being here. God bless you. And God bless America.